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Boling Vision Center is the only area practice to offer The Allegretto Wave®Eye-Q. The latest cutting edge technology in laser vision correction that doesn't have a cutting edge at all! The Allegretto Wave®Eye-Q uses only laser light to gently sculpt the surface of your eye.

Innovation at its best

The Allegretto Wave®Eye-Q customizes every treatment to the patient's individual prescription and cornea while aiming to improve what nature originally designed. Among the fastest excimer laser system available today, Allegretto takes the technology one step further being the only laser that is able to virtually eliminate glare and night vision problems that are typically associated with older generation lasers. Thanks to the incredible power of the laser, many people can have their vision corrected in as little as eight seconds, some even more quickly. At the same time, the Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q delivers superior results, with less risk of side effects.

PerfectPulse Technology™ ensures safe and precise work at high speed. Each ultra-thin laser pulse is used to sculpt the corneal surface of the eye with the utmost accuracy. The high-speed eye-tracker follows the eye's fastest movements, checking the eye's position 400 times per second while ensuring an accurate placement of each laser pulse on the cornea. In addition, an integrated crossline projector provides the surgeon with an exact alignment of the eye's position, making the Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q one of the safest, most effective lasers currently available.

Not only does Boling Vision Center have the latest LASIK technology that has been approved by the FDA, but we also have the experience to back it! In fact, in addition to the 15,000+ LASIK surgeries performed by Dr. Boling, he was also invited to participate in the development of the FDA's safety protocol guidelines for LASIK that are still in use today!

Reputation for excellence

LASIK_SurgerySuite_2 Boling Vision Center is the only area practice to own our LASIK technology. Our equipment has a permanent home in a temperature and humidity controlled room designed specifically for our LASIK patients. This permanent home for the laser ensures the most accurate results with less risk of side effects. In addition to the best technology and facilities, Boling Vision Center employs the most experienced laser team in Michiana. With certified laser engineers on staff, permanent LASIK technology, and the most experienced team in the area, the safety and reliability of Boling Vision Center's LASIK experience is simply unparalleled.

In fact, Boling Vision Center is so confident in the success of your results, we are willing to back it with a free enhancement guarantee* in the rare event that you need any fine tuning in the two years following your surgery!

As you can see, LASIK is an extremely safe & effective method to correct issues of farsightedness, astigmatism and nearsightedness. LASIK surgery has eliminated dependence on eyeglasses and contacts for hundreds of thousands of people across the globe.

If you are interested in laser vision correction, schedule an appointment or call us today to schedule your FREE consultation 1-800-283-8393.

*2 Year Enhancement Guarantee requirements must be followed to ensure valid guarantee.