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Why I Chose Boling!
Why did I choose Boling? That's easy, we're simply the best! With excellent doctors, cutting edge technology, and exceptional core values, I feel privileged to practice optometry at Boling Vision Center.
Posted: 10/7/2013

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses
Are you someone who struggles to keep your contact lenses clean and disinfected? Do you have ocular allergies? Are you an occasional contact lens wearer or prefer to only wear your contact lenses during exercise or sporting events? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, daily disposable contact lenses may be the right option for you.
Posted: 10/1/2013

Have You Taken Your Child in for Their First Eye Exam?
Children may start experiencing vision problems as early as preschool. Studies suggest up to 10% of preschoolers may have visual disturbances.
Posted: 9/25/2013